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Privacy Policy

Non of my websites are commercial, they primary exist to demonstrate my hobbyist projects.

I disabled all tracking services and social media services. I do not use cookies of any kind!

I don't directly show any videos or include social media buttons in my website, you will be asked if you want to watch the video or follow links to social media services.

By visiting this website, your device is establishing a connection and due to technical reasons your IP adress will be transmitted. I will not store the IP address, but it's likely it will be stored somewhere in the log files of the hosting provider, I don't have this under my control, but I can assure you that about every single website in the world will do it that way!

Contact: Nils Kübler, Am Posthalterswäldle 5, 78224 Singen, nils-kuebler (at) web (dot) de

As I don't know much about laws, I also provide a generated DSGVO compliant privacy policy information